Video! Meet Sofia and the boys

Finally a video! After 4 hours and 95% battery drained, my phone has successfully uploaded a video via the not oh-so-fast-Rwandan data network.

I gladly bring you this video of Sofia and the boys, I hope you enjoy meeting them as much as I’v enjoyed spending time with them. We met these three in 2008. Jonathan’s heart broke as he heard of how alone they are since they lost their parents. Since then we have been intentional about spending time with them each time we are in the country to continue our relationship.

Sofia is the older sister who is looking after her two younger brothers. Since 2008, we have been taking care of their housing, food, and putting them through school in order to equip them for a successful future. We had great quality time on Sunday! Lake Kivu is by far the most beautiful lake I’ve ever been to, and the kids also had an opportunity to go there for the first time with us. It’s amazing how a place once used for the atrocity of dumping bodies from the genocide in the 90’s can now feel like a little piece of heaven. I’m amazed at God’s active kindness and redemption in this country; the progress is phenomenal.

We played football (soccer) with an active volcano as a back drop, sat by the water, a fire, ate good food, and were able to speak a lot of truth into them. It was a very meaningful experience for me to observe Jonathan (or Daddy, as they call him) have a fatherly talk with each of them about staying the straight path and continuing to move forward in their lives.

The next blog post will be from my most anticipated visit: the Forgiveness School! Stay tuned.



2 thoughts on “Video! Meet Sofia and the boys

  1. It looks like your time in Rwanda has been phenomenal! Keep loving on those kids. Prayers from your friends at Plant With Purpose.

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