Landed in the Land of a Thousand Hills


Last night I finally landed in the Land of a Thousand Hills.  As I was walking out I was greeted by our driver friend Sayid with a sign that said “Eumytrie, Drink Coffee Do Good”. And no, “Eumytrie” is not a special Kenya-Rwandan word for “welcome”; it’s simply a very noble Rwandan attempt at the spelling of my Greek name (I kept the sign too!). Regardless, in excitement to see the sign and someone waiting on me, I joyfully greeted Sayid with a handshake that he very quickly turned into a tight embrace. The love, warmth, and openness of the people here is already amazing me, and it hasn’t even been 24 hours.

We are in Kigali this morning visiting some of the coffee exporting partners we have here. I took a picture of Jamie in one of the warehouses where the green beans are stored before they are exported. Right now we’re sitting at a Cafe with wifi, about to take the hour and a half long drive out to our rural Ruli mountain coffee community. I’ll make sure to capture some of the farmers there for you!

I should be able to update again tomorrow! Thank you for drinking coffee and doing good.


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