Unexpected delay in Brussels

For those of you who don’t know, although I’m rather Americanized complete with a U.S. green card, I’m still a passport holder of Greek citizenship. Today I learned something new the hard way as I was checking into my flight for Rwanda.

The excitement was building as we came one step closer to arriving at our final destination, I hand the airline employee my passport and threw my bag onto the scale to be weighed at my oh-so-proud right on 50 lbs… she looks at it and asks:

“Where is your Visa?”
“My Visa?” I responded frantically. “I thought we didn’t need visas to go to Rwanda!?”
“Yes, since you don’t have an American passport, you need a Rwandan visa to enter the country. I’m sorry son, you can’t go to Rwanda.”

My stomach drops. Long story short, here I am, in Brussels, Belgium writing this to ask for your prayers that something supernatural happens tomorrow.

Today I visited the Rwandan embassy here in Brussels, they were very short with me and asked me to return tomorrow morning. Please pray grace over tomorrow that I get my Rwandan visa and am able to make it onto the Kigali flight on Thursday morning. It is definitely a possibility for it to happen, but prayer is needed to cut it this close.

At the moment I’m technically in a suburb over an hour by train southeast of the city. It’s called Wavre. It turns out there is some sort of convention in town so every single hotel in the city and around the airport was booked, hostels included.

I’ll be frank; if you haven’t already noticed, today has been rather discouraging. I’ve been looking forward to finally meeting our farmers for quite some time now. Your prayers are needed. Thank you for praying!

Jonathan and Jamie still took off (with my blessing of course, they didn’t abandon me) and they should be landing very soon.

God bless. I’ll update as soon as there is news!



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