A London Layover

Atlanta to Newark, Newark to London. 22 hours; That’s the amount of time we had from landing at Heathrow airport until take off to our next connecting flight in Brussels. Who in their right mind would not take advantage of 22 hours in historic beautiful London? Jamie and I got ourselves an all day Tube pass and then managed to get extremely lost for the first about five hours of the day. Who would have thought; the London Tube is slightly more complex than the Atlanta Marta we have been accustomed to. After many helpless conversations with strangers as we sought direction we came to finally find Big Ben, eat some delicious fish and chips, and get very wet in the England rain.

The highlight of my day? It turns out my childhood best friend from Greece is currently living in London! I found this out four days ago as I was preparing for this trip. His name is Στέφανος (Greek for Stephen) and he is an inspiring and amazing friend. When we were growing up playing together alongside the Aegean Sea, we would have never imagined that one day we would be catching up in London! We laughed, encouraged one another, spoke on and on, and before we knew it the night was nearing an end.

This time tomorrow we plan to be in Kigali. We fly from London to Brussels, and then from Brussels to Rwanda. I look forward to updating from Africa tomorrow!



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